Wahoo (2/2)


So this is what i’ve been excited about!

Ok ok, I got it from Halfords. Slap me on the wrist and get it out the way

My budget was £500. This isnt a big budget in terms of mountain bikes.
I had seen plenty of bikes but the spec on this bike (VooDoo HooDoo by the way) blew all the others out of the water.
I made sure to give the bike a good check when I got home (Halfords are notorious for their bad workmanship) and I was impressed with my local shop. Its really the luck of your location when it comes to Halfords.

Already been out with it (and had to heavy crashes yesterday-but the ground was soaking so i’ll let it off) and tested light downhill, singletrack and cross country and I’m so happy with it.

A few minor upgrades here and there and I’ll be ready to tackle the Trans Pennine Trail in no time!




I’ve given up (+ running)

Ok, let me start with today (Sunday)
The bike i’ve been using had 2 complete flats. To summarise, 7 patches (=7 seperate punctures..) later they’re still going down. I’ve put it away for now- besides, it needs new tyres I guess. I did, however, give me a chance to strip the bike and clean it up nicely. The cassette now sparkles!
So thats what i’ve given up on

Now lets cast back to Friday evening after work. My mum is training for the Great North Run. She wanted to do a bit of cross training so I agreed I’d go on a bike ride with her. It was a beautiful evening. Took the bike out, and thats where I noticed the punctures.
I didnt have time to sit and sort them out so I decided that, whilst I was geared up, I’d go on a run.
I used to do a hell of a lot of running when I was younger. I played football often and I could sprint (my best asset) but also do long distance decently. Orienteering was one of my favourite PE lessons. Reading maps AND running around beating my mates. Whats not to like right?
Anyway I havent run in quite a while so I found it a convinient excuse. I had aches where I forgot muscles existed and pains on my feet from my poorly fitting shoes. It was torchure. But it was a great stepping stone to regaining fitness (aside from all my cycling)

Saturday morning I decided to go out again. Madness, surely? My mum came along and we went a bit further (because of the nature of the Great North Run, she runs at a slower pace than me so it meant I was able to keep going for longer).

I’m sure feeling it today, but I feel great for doing it and plan on keeping it going.

Whilst this blog is for my cycling, I created it for a training log of my TPT Charity Ride. That being said, i’ll keep the running blogs bunched together or shove them onto the end of my cycling one every so often.







Midweek Madman

I feel I’ve gotten’ to a stage where I’m no longer classed as a Weekend Warrior but now a Midweek Madman (or whatever the opposite of Weekend Warrior is)

It feels good. I’m not a fair weather cyclist either – I’ve been out in heavy rain, heavy winds and freezing temperatures. Tonight, it was cold. A pretty thick & sticky mud but boy was it cold!

Anyway, about 1.5km into my stride I came across this momentum killer! I havent a clue how it happened as the winds havent been near as bad as I’ve known. None the less I had to get off and carry my bike (so I thought I’d take a few photos whilst I’d stopped)


This thing was a puncture minefield!



The rest of the trail was pretty beaten up by the recent weather. But I thought because I was going slow through it, I could use this ride to show you what my local tracks look like.

Note: This track is the easy track. All the drops and advanced skills trails are for my longer rides when I have more time to reach them


I had a rare moment where I could safely take my feet off the pedals without being up to my ankles in mud and water


Just a wintry look back across a nearby field. Hopefully the last bit of winter we’ll see for a while!


As always, camera images don’t have the right depth to show a climb / descent but, believe it or not, that path on the left is a mammoth climb! The one on the right isn’t an easy one either


Testing out my iPhone panorama function. Another look at the two paths. These are actually part of the Trans Pennine Way


In the Summer you can get incredible views from the top of this Viaduct. It’s a good place to stop and rest after the large climb too


Again, testing the panorama function. The light was getting pretty low by this time so the ISO on my iPhone bumped all the way up (hence the noise)

I’ll be taking more pictures when the weathers nicer and I can get something a bit different from the viaduct, mud and the footpath.


A Hobby or a Chore?

Whilst on my brief ride yesterday I had a thought spring to mind, which I’ve purposely given its own post for.

I first took up cycling properly in the Summer of 2012 to be in ‘the outdoors’ and because Jordan got me out on the trails all the time. It was a new thing for both of us and quite exciting.

He then mentioned this charity bike ride, and then my time out and about turned from something to do – to fill a bit of time – into a purposeful adventure. Whenever I was out I was working towards something and it was beneficial. I was waking up on weekends and I wasnt grumpy. I was happy and excited about going on a ride. 

I’m fortunate enough for it never to have been a chore to be out. Even in the high winds and blistering cold I enjoy the time out. Either alone with my thoughts or with others sharing thoughts.

Also, cycling is a great social activity.. just like walking. Its a repetitive motion that becomes something you stop thinking about and just do it. You can chat away and before long you’re miles away.

What I’m saying is, for me, getting out on the bike has never been a chore, but more of a joy. And I find that great!


“Every Little Helps”

When I got home from work I managed to squeeze a half hour session in. The purpose wasnt to build my stamina, but toughen up my bum and just get used to being out and about. Despite only being out half an hour, the route I took had 2 mammoth climbs to train on!

I now expect (and I think you frequent readers do also) to get caked in mud, so I went bare skin – it’s easier to wash! That also meant not wearing my padded trousers, so there was a bit of soreness at the end.


Things are still a bit muddy on the tracks..

I made the effort to consciously push hard in the high gears and keep up the RPM. Condition my legs into working hard until it becomes easier and I can keep getting faster and faster across flatter ground, which will help on the Trans Pennine Way cycle.