Wahoo (2/2)


So this is what i’ve been excited about!

Ok ok, I got it from Halfords. Slap me on the wrist and get it out the way

My budget was £500. This isnt a big budget in terms of mountain bikes.
I had seen plenty of bikes but the spec on this bike (VooDoo HooDoo by the way) blew all the others out of the water.
I made sure to give the bike a good check when I got home (Halfords are notorious for their bad workmanship) and I was impressed with my local shop. Its really the luck of your location when it comes to Halfords.

Already been out with it (and had to heavy crashes yesterday-but the ground was soaking so i’ll let it off) and tested light downhill, singletrack and cross country and I’m so happy with it.

A few minor upgrades here and there and I’ll be ready to tackle the Trans Pennine Trail in no time!