Rides, rides everywhere!!


Part of a council converted old quarry

Hi all,
I’m aware I’ve been lacking with posts recently, but truth be told, I dont want my content to be repetitive and boring. After work I’ve been doing the same 10km route i’ve already told you about (with the exception of last night where I did 2 laps)


Rolling down here was fun!

But today I went a bit further – a route i’m familiar with non the less – just over 35km.
(I got VERY lucky with the weather but I was going out regardless)
It took my past all sorts of scenery, but I only stopped occasionally so couldn’t get as much pictures to demonstrate this


The sun was burning down. Perfect weather for a bank holiday

By the end of the ride I didnt actually feel tired, but I had afternoon plans so couldnt’ve continued on unfortunately


I just love the iPhone panoramic function!

The sun makes everything so much nicer

I also felt well hydrated and fueled- much more so than last time. I had pasta bolognese and bread last night, and porridge oats for breakfast. Whereas last time I was ‘bonking’ by the half way stage, I was confortable with a small flapjack and half a pack of fruit pastels all ride today.


It’s a good job I dont suffer from hayfever


This long, loooong descent is well worth the tough ride to get here. It’s full of tricky, slippy rocks so you have to watch you dont get carried away with the fast pace!


The descent eventually leads to the river, where I follow it all the way home, about 15km


Another scenic river location


Conisborough Castle poking out of the bushes


Can you tell I was wearing gloves?

Overall I did 35km of tough terrain in , for me at least, respectable 2 hrs 45 mins.
The training still continues but I feel i’ll be well prepared



After a 35km bike ride and thorough cleaning, I thought I deserved a treat


The fields are full this time of year


Crossing another field!


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