Day 4 of the charity ride

We’ve made it!

4 days of long, hard slogging and we’ve made it.
Was a pretty each day today compared to yesterday. My body felt better after a long rest and early night and most of the trail was on roads or Tarmac so keeping speed took less effort.

Again, apologies for the short post, phone battery’s going and I’m enjoying my bitter next to the ocean.

All the pictures will be uploaded to a public album and our trail was well(ish) documented on our Facebook page

I really underestimated the 244mile (393km) trail- carrying camping gear and on heavy hard tails, but it was a massive personal achievement I gained!


Day 3 of the charity ride

I am a broken man. I’ve pulled my thigh muscle, calf muscle, swollen and painful knee joints, fallen over onto asphalt and my bum is pretty sore right now. Another 98km clocked however, so we’re edging our way closer to the finish point.

I was really struggling on the very last part, but feel so much better after a shower.
It’s gonna be a really hard day tomorrow

Apologies the post are pretty short, I’m very tired each night and have lots to do before bed


Day 2 of the charity ride

Well, that was a stinker of a day.
109km over the Pennines- including wood head pass! (Had to walk to top of that bit- the trail Isn’t on the road, it’s a goat track all the way in the hills)
The climbs seemed to just come one after another after another (don’t forget I’m carrying half a tent, food, water, clothes and cooking equipment!)

I did manage to hit 65.2kmph coming down the other side though. I had to slow down because the crosswinds picked up

We set off at 9.30am in high spirit and arrived at the campsite at 8pm battered men. Boy was I thankful for a bed that night- even on uneven rocky ground.
The weather was overcast, so perfect for a day like today

Will update you tomorrow


Day 1 of the charity ride

Well, what a day to kick things off with!
All of my training and dedication when things ‘got a little wet outside’ have paid off- because we did 89km- over half of that in the rain. And when I say rain it was like a typical English Winter
(I’ll eventually upload an album of all our pictures but the weather was that bad I couldn’t take many without damaging my camera)

It was chucking it down and bouncing off the ground and soaking us through to the bone.
Luckily, we had waterproofs but it still got in a few nooks and crannies (& our the visibility from the glasses was limited to the bottom half of my right lens- Zero with no glasses)

We even managed to get lost because some Mancunians had stolen the signs!!

When we got to the campsite we had 5 minutes before closing at the shop. Quick!- grab that beer, them crisps, that sausage roll and some emergency chocolate

By the time we’d arrived at our pitch the weather was just nice enough to give us a 10 minute slot to pitch the tent and wash down the bikes. With nothing else to get on with we swiftly headed for the showers- something we were ‘dreaming’ of since about 30km into the ride.

A lovely woman from Finland was camping next to us and we made friends. She kindly offered to dry our clothes in her bathroom as they had a heater- bonus! (They REALLY needed doing and the dryer took tokens- from the shop which had closed)

After that we rustled up a cuppa and se noodles (not too interesting.. I feel there’s no need to delve into the details)

That leads me to now, waiting in my pj’s in the cold wash room, huddled in a corner with my phone on charge and no signal. All I can do is watch the battery percentage roll up and up.. Slowly.

Hopefully I’ll have a decent nights sleep and fingers crossed the weather will have improved. My riding buddy has just burst in to tell me of the break in the clouds and there’s a bit of blue sky! Says a lot about the day when that excites you


Officially a commuter!

So today I rode home from work with the intention of doing it again!! (I’ve ridden home once before but that was last year – before I got into cycling – and I had no other choice)

I rode home from work because there’s no time limit to riding home, and I can get to grips with the route. Turns out I actually have ridden 80% of the route before so once I was on that I was rolling home!

What’s better is that a trip there and back is 26/7km. Much better than my usual 10km loop after work.

As soon as I left the office it started pouring down but I was prepared for that with a rainproof jacket- I do live in England after all, but my shorts were no match for the overgrown track..

Something I’ll learn from though and I look forward to incorporating it into my daily life


Catching Up

Ok ok, time has been a big issue for my lack of posts. Combine that with the horrible image uploading on the wordpress iPhone app and its not been motivating for me.. (also the resizing of pictures on the web version is TERRIBLE!!-can anyone help? I use the % scale and it completely distorts the original dimensions)
Edit: the pictures are also uploaded in a random order and when i try move them to the correct order and the captions stay behind or merge with another caption!!

Anyway, what have I been up to?

Well, had a few larger rides – 60km (only packed one flapjack..) & 70km (learned from my mistakes and pack a whole packed lunch!)

I’ve also had a birthday in the middle so got a few nifty things:- Crank Brothers multi tool (a bit disappointed as there’s not much leverage), Cat-eye Velo 7 (very impressed!) and some SPDs (complete with 3 humiliating falls and a nasty ankle injury)

I’ve certainly been putting in the miles and, hopefully, this will pay off for the charity ride.

I’ve also been buying myself all the rest of the gear for my ride. Things like a pannier rack, bags (pannier & frame) etc. I’m yet to buy some bib shorts, a new helmet, some better fitting shoes (my old ones were Aldi £15 ones) and some new glasses. I bought some glasses but broke the frame trying to change lenses!! Hopefully the warranty will cover it

Finally, I’ll leave you with a selection of images taken over the past couple of weekends



I love making new friends


I also love lunchtime..


Half way point- the top of a looooong climb (we climbed for about 20km!)



We followed the canal a long way


Jordan took the first fall, I turned to look at him and laugh-causing me to fall


Planning the next step


As i say, we followed for a long way


There were many manual rail crossings


Enjoying the rare sunny day


We found a bench to rest my phone camera on


Making another friend

Hand pain..uh oh

I’ve been struggling for a couple of weeks with hand pain –  more specifically my pisiform bone in my right hand. It feels like a dull bruise, hurting mainly when i press around “into” the bone. Of course it’s to do with biking, but i’m not sure how.

I’ve moved to ergo grips the other day and didnt really like them – they didnt help at all either. I’ve also tried bar ends with no luck

In normal circumstances I’d rest it out a week or two to see if there’s any improvements..however with my big ride coming up shortly, I feel there’s no time to rest and try to get out 6 times a week (3 days midweek doing 10km, friday 20km and saturday + sunday 35+km)

Of course if the pain continues i’ll just have to grin and bear it and rest it until then. It’s not too painful as to halt my ride, but pretty uncomfortable- and thats not doing 4 days of ~80km+).

We’ll see what happens and let you know of any updates. There’s no visible swelling or redness, though it hurts when I put my hand in certain positions (i know i know. “dont put your hand in those positions”)



Rides, rides everywhere!!


Part of a council converted old quarry

Hi all,
I’m aware I’ve been lacking with posts recently, but truth be told, I dont want my content to be repetitive and boring. After work I’ve been doing the same 10km route i’ve already told you about (with the exception of last night where I did 2 laps)


Rolling down here was fun!

But today I went a bit further – a route i’m familiar with non the less – just over 35km.
(I got VERY lucky with the weather but I was going out regardless)
It took my past all sorts of scenery, but I only stopped occasionally so couldn’t get as much pictures to demonstrate this


The sun was burning down. Perfect weather for a bank holiday

By the end of the ride I didnt actually feel tired, but I had afternoon plans so couldnt’ve continued on unfortunately


I just love the iPhone panoramic function!

The sun makes everything so much nicer

I also felt well hydrated and fueled- much more so than last time. I had pasta bolognese and bread last night, and porridge oats for breakfast. Whereas last time I was ‘bonking’ by the half way stage, I was confortable with a small flapjack and half a pack of fruit pastels all ride today.


It’s a good job I dont suffer from hayfever


This long, loooong descent is well worth the tough ride to get here. It’s full of tricky, slippy rocks so you have to watch you dont get carried away with the fast pace!


The descent eventually leads to the river, where I follow it all the way home, about 15km


Another scenic river location


Conisborough Castle poking out of the bushes


Can you tell I was wearing gloves?

Overall I did 35km of tough terrain in , for me at least, respectable 2 hrs 45 mins.
The training still continues but I feel i’ll be well prepared



After a 35km bike ride and thorough cleaning, I thought I deserved a treat


The fields are full this time of year


Crossing another field!

Wahoo (2/2)


So this is what i’ve been excited about!

Ok ok, I got it from Halfords. Slap me on the wrist and get it out the way

My budget was £500. This isnt a big budget in terms of mountain bikes.
I had seen plenty of bikes but the spec on this bike (VooDoo HooDoo by the way) blew all the others out of the water.
I made sure to give the bike a good check when I got home (Halfords are notorious for their bad workmanship) and I was impressed with my local shop. Its really the luck of your location when it comes to Halfords.

Already been out with it (and had to heavy crashes yesterday-but the ground was soaking so i’ll let it off) and tested light downhill, singletrack and cross country and I’m so happy with it.

A few minor upgrades here and there and I’ll be ready to tackle the Trans Pennine Trail in no time!